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Matt & Jen // Wisconsin Wedding // Portland Wedding Photographers

We went to Wisconsin in October to document a couple say I do. Not just any couple, but Kellens cousin. Matt and Kellen grew up together and when I joined the family, Matt was always the sweetest but quiet. Then this winter I saw Matt come alive. He had a lovely women by his side called Jen.

Jen and I instantly hit it off. We giggled together, we chatted together, and immediately I knew we were friends. Then over some secret whispers, she asked if we would be willing to shoot their wedding. They hadn’t gotten engaged yet, but it was on the horizon and she was planning ahead!

I had to say yes, and promise to only tell Kellen our secret!

This.. this. day was so good. Our first look, I feel like they didn’t even know we were there. It was everything we wanted! They couldn’t keep their hands, eyes, or mouths of each other. I love when a bride and a groom are really in the moment. I love that when they say those vows they really really mean it. I love getting texts from the bride telling me that marriage is the best thing thats ever happened to them. I love getting texts from the bride in general!

So here they are.. here is their wedding. Matt & Jen congratulations. I think you two have a special kind of connection, and I’m so grateful that you shared it with us.


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