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Baeckl Wedding // The Elysian Ballroom // Portland, Oregon

Freshman year, after two failed high schools I was going back to my grade school. It was a small school that I’d grown up in but didn’t have many.. okay no electives. And I wanted to do FFA. (yes, I grew up in that town) Anyways, as I was getting ready to return my mom was insistent that I meet these twins who were in my grade and at the new old school. In my first week, she made me invite them over for a sleepover. Little did I know that through our “forced” relationship, I would have some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

Fast forward 15 years and here we are. All moved from California to Portland and doing life together.. still. The twins were like my sisters, we spent so many summers by the pool, and ate way to many root beer floats. We’ve seen each other through college, through death, boyfriends, singleness, and through everyday life.

When Karen started bringing Trent around I had a feeling about them. He was a no nonsense kinda guy, but still had a sense of humor. He lets Karen be who she needed to, yet didn’t let her get away with murder. It was so great to see them grow into what they have and to finally get that phone call that they were getting married was so exciting.

I first fought the idea of being their photographer, because I just wanted to go and enjoy. But, they convinced me and so Kellen and I spent the day with them making their memories. I wouldn’t change any of it. I am so excited to share these photos with you. It was a beautiful wedding, and I can genuinely say that everyone who was there that day was just as excited as I was to watch them say I do.

Congratulations you guys. I love you heaps and bounds.. and Trent. You’re stuck with us now!!


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