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The Why’s // Weeno Photography // Truth Sessions

Yesterday I went out to get the mail. There was a package waiting for me, and in it was a book I ordered with our photos from Lincolns birth. I opened it, and immediately tears started forming. Remembering that day, and seeing photos of it in print brought back a wave of emotions. Then I […]

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Dreaming // Portland Photographers.

When you were little did people ever ask you what you wanted to be one day? Most likely the answer is yes. And most likely you said something silly, not realistic; and then you grow up and realize you must make money and to be successful means to make a certain amount of money. I’m […]

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Still Swimming // Portland Wedding Photographers

5 more hours of this lovely year. It wasn’t long ago that God gave me the idea of  giving back. I cried when I knew that I could help change the world around us, by still doing what I love. It also wasn’t long ago that I quit my job. That I became a full […]

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Care India // Inspiring Change

First off. Can I say thank you? You all have been so supportive. Like, beyond what I ever expected. I think the link the the blog last week was shared over 25 times! Wow! Thank you for your support, sharing, and truly believing that we can do this. I’m now ending my second week of […]

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Inspiring Change // Portland Wedding Photographers

So I’ve said this enough this summer “new things here at Weeno!” and finally I feel like we are ready to share it with you. Its been exciting, and a little scary to come to this point. I want to share with you our story. Some of you know that my mom passed away in […]

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