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1,000 Likes // Truth Session // Portland Family Photographer

I follow a group on Facebook that is for photographers who use certain editing presets. There are thousands of photographers, and many post photos a day. My feed is usually full of photos from these talented photographers. And of course, with every Facebook group there is always drama. About the way they edit, the way […]

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The Why’s // Weeno Photography // Truth Sessions

Yesterday I went out to get the mail. There was a package waiting for me, and in it was a book I ordered with our photos from Lincolns birth. I opened it, and immediately tears started forming. Remembering that day, and seeing photos of it in print brought back a wave of emotions. Then I […]

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The Brutal Truth // Portland Photographers

I have to be honest, sometimes I think why do I do what I do? We go to weddings every weekend, and to be really truthful; its not always fun. When a bride/groom tells you they hate getting their photos taken, or hate everything about the photos, or just act like they are dying in […]

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Ritchie Family // Truth Session // Portland Family Photographers

While scheduling this session with the wonderful mom of this family, Melissa she sent me an email with a photo of her little ones helping her cook. She had told me that I had inspired her to take some more “real” photos of her family. I couldn’t have been more happy, and thats exactly what […]

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